We Are PlantEaters

Four years ago, as a family, we committed to a plant-based diet. We had dabbled with it for many years, but it hadn’t stuck. A confluence of events, including some not-so-great cholesterol numbers (me), reading Alicia Silverstone’s The Kind Diet (Tracy), and the Thanksgiving “Turkey Incident” (sadly, me), led us to give it another shot. We haven’t looked back since.

At the time, a large part of going vegan for me was admittedly just going along for the ride with Tracy. As the months passed, and I read things like The China Study and Jonathan Safran Foer’s amazing Eating Animals, I became more committed to eating a plant-based diet as a way of life.

I’m surprised and excited by the fact that this way of life has now inspired us to build PlantEaters. It’s given us the opportunity to contribute to the community of vegetarians and vegans as well as reward the restaurants that so graciously accommodate us.

In our hometown of New York City, we are fortunate to have a great selection of vegetarian and vegan restaurants. Even in NYC though, the number of veg restaurants pales in comparison to the thousands of other restaurants throughout city, many of which offer wonderful plant-based meals. Tracy and I were struck by the fact that there was no easy way to find those meals.

PlantEaters is focused on meals, rather than restaurants, so you can find those great plant-based meals wherever they may be. Over time, we expect most of the meals in PlantEaters to come from the community of users. However, to get things started we’ve already added thousands of meals. The focus has been on some of the major metropolitan areas, so don’t be discouraged if there aren’t yet any meals in your area.

In fact, take that as an opportunity to contribute. Know about a great veggie meal? Share it with your fellow PlantEaters so that they can have a great dining experience. Restaurants will also see the value in creating these amazing meals and offer more! After all, we’re ALL PlantEaters!

We look forward to discovering new meals on our travels thanks to all of you!

About discoveg

Founder, PlantEaters (getplanteaters.com)
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